Can we bounce back

Can we bounce back from any of this we have had to endure.
We have lost someone who we have loved and cherished deeply , this has left us feeling empty ,alone, angry, and all the other emotions that go with loss.
Then on top of all that we have had lockdown after lockdown which has also left us feeling alone and empty.
I wonder if we can ever bounce back from all this pain we have experienced .
The lack of company is something I just can’t put into words , the lockdown has left me feeling do I want to go back to going out or am I content with staying in now Robs not here to share it with me.
What will life be when we get some kind of normality in our lives it certainly won’t be the same
Take care all that read this post regards Karen


I fear that the loss of a life partner and the loneliness of lockdown will make life so difficult when we can go out. I worry that I am no longer capable of being in a social situation. I guess it will be about taking things slowly but massive effort will be involved and it it s hard to think it is worthwhile.


I’m not convinced that I will “bounce back” to what my recreational life was like before Karen died. Equally I don’t want to stay at home watching TV every evening (actually I don’t have a TV, but you get the gist).
I’m hoping to go out to gigs and music venues, and I have a few lined up, but in the past we went as a couple and now I will be going alone, I’m not sure how easy that is going to be.
I don’t think I will be able to go out for evenings out or meals with our group of friends like we used to (assuming I even get ask) as they are all couples. I cannot envisage coping in that environment. It’s difficult to really know what it is going to feel like


As long as there is breath in my body bouncing back will NEVER be on the agenda.

We are all different, I can never ever go walking where my wife and I went, it’s too painful, going to the supermarket is a challenge but that’s as much as I can do as I won’t have home deliveries.

My tv has been a godsend I watch it on and off all day and evening, I will NEVER ever go anywhere, gigs, music venues or whatever without my wife. Its each to their own as they say.


Hi, I believe that people are in the main, good and there will be many tears shared, outside of our own homes. People generally are well meaning, when they express their condolences. They want to help and offer support,

I always remember my Grandmother, when she lost my Grandfather, it was torture for her to go out shopping, as people would stop and say how sorry they were to hear. She would be in floods. I was a stroppy 10 year old then and found it all highly embarrassing. Shame on me. I would love to tell her now how sorry I am.
So, if you cry it just means your human and in dreadful pain.

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RichardM I totally understand what you mean I’m looking to going out to venues but like you said it’s not going to be the same .Rob an I went northern soul dancing and I miss it as much as I miss Rob.
Take care karen

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I know exactly how you feel as I feel the same. It’s good that you have some gigs lined up, and I hope they will help. We need to do whatever we need to do to help us get through this pain until it becomes bearable.
Hugs, AnnR


I feel the same my name is Jackie I lost my husband 7 weeks ago, I don’t think I can mix again socially it’s even difficult shopping at the supermarket, life sucks


Hello Karen,

l know what you mean. What is normal? For me that word ceased to exist on the 13th February when my Husband was cruelly stolen from me when medical staff decided to ventilate him because of covid… He was gone within 21 days of testing positive and l still can’t get my head around what exactly happened. He was 2 days away from turning 55 and we were preparing for retirement. Now he’s gone and l feel so has my future. l like you, selfishly don’t want this so called normal to return. l just want to stay indoors and carry on watching tv or listening to music. l hate it when l go into my garden and hear the neighbours laughing and or having a good time. l just want to hibernate. How do we move on from our pain? Eve x

I think we’re all feeling the same anxiety… I lost my husband in Nov and since then have been on my own… Lockdown grieving not being able to attend his funeral… Feelings of desperate despair and loneliness separation from my family as it was covid related. Fighting for my own life. Covid related. I don’t know what normal is either… We are all in this together and hopefully we can enjoy our family and friends slowly and safely… I wish you well…

We are all different but have all suffered the love of our lives.
Whilst we feel life can’t go on, it does.
Good for you for having such a positive attitude towards going forward.
I don’t want to go to any venues alone, but the thought of living in my house day in day out with our any social contact is a sad exsistance.
So I too will go it alone and get what I can from living as I know too well how quickly it can be taken away from you x


Hi Me too! wonder if life will be any different when things improve re the virus.
I do hate this loner life. I have no family but good friends, thank goodness. Wondered if any lonely people live in London, if so we could meet up for coffee or a drink. I met one of my good friends on this web site we still meet up and have become good friends. Be strong keep messaging it really helps, it saved me! Keep safe Sue

If you look down for a topic titled “Just an idea” some ladies have a tentative plan to meet up

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Might be a bit late Beneden but a few of us are meeting tomorrow at 12 on Southwark Bridge if your interested it’s on the “just an idea” site If not we could meet up another time

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