Can we have Whatsapp group chat on grief and loss

My boyfriend passed away 1 and a half years ago. I feel as if i have no one to talk about my constant feelings and brush them aside as no one would understand except those who have also been through this. On this forum there are people who are experiencing loss and grief can we please share numbers so that we can have a group on whatsapp where we can share and be more available for each other.

I’m up for that xx

very sorry for your loss
but trouble is its not whether people on here are trust worthy ,and giving your phone number im sure is against this sites policy,you could of messaged it privately ,
and in this day and age no one really knows anyone when its online.
we all try be caring and thoughtful but until you actually get to know the real person
we shouldn’t be way to open,as not every one is trust worthy,
sorry if ive caused any offence
regards ian

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I agree you are right on what you are saying. Is there any other we can be more readily available on chat it would be really helpful. Can everyone private message their number then so as to create a group?

you would be best posting a few responses and getting to know some of the members and if you read several topics you may well build a bond or friendship with some of the wonderful people on this site.

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theres nothing stopping you from private messaging anyone your number,but whether they will respond is a different matter,i personally wouldn’t,as Its not something id ever do I dont put any apps on my although I try be friendly with every body that doesnt mean ive become friends,friendship is something built up over time,as regards group chats some may well just jump in at a minutes notice ,but id of thought getting involved in the site and building some kind of relationship and a certain trust level would be needed ,but hey that just my opinion.others may totally disagree.good luck with what ever you decide to do.and hope you find ways to cope.


Thank you for your advice. I have read a few of your posts and seen your love for Jianye. There isn’t anything as special as that kind of love that we shared with our partners what we wouldn’t do to have some time and be with the person we dearly love. I can imagine how amazing your partner must have been just as mine was- special beyond words. Sending you lots of love

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Hello Chandni. I am so sorry for your loss. Grief is a long, lonely journey but this forum can help enormously. It is full of beautiful, understanding people. With regards WhatsApp, I feel Ian is right in suggesting that you read and maybe contribute to other chats on here, thus building up friendships in this way. This site is a big group chat in itself.
Sending love Chandni xx


thank you Chandi,
lots of wonderful people on this site,who at times put there own issues to one side and reach out to offer comfort and empathy to those seeking help.
just post what ever you want ,you wont be judged,and no doubt you will get used to how this site works.


For your partner I meant

It is best to use the site to chat, either set away a conversation or join one that you feel a connection with. That means everyone is in a safe place. Friendships can develop, we can be in this group a long time, but it happens when the time is right. The private messaging facility helps when you find you want a one to one conversation with someone.

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Hi everyone,

As others have pointed out, publishing your personal contact details in a public forum post is a risk to your own privacy and security. Our community guidelines say that any contact details will be edited out for your own protection.

If anyone needs help using private messaging, there are some instructions here: How to send a private message. Or you can contact me at for more help.

If you choose to share personal contact details in a private message, please be aware that this is at your own risk, as Sue Ryder can’t moderate any communications which take place off our site. Therefore, as some people have suggested, it is worth getting to know someone on the site before deciding whether to do this.

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Hi chandni I understand you so much. I lost my wife and partner and wanted to join her but could not do it in the last minutes so I now in the same place as I was before but to know what I need more or less in life. I know your feelings so help me to understand, let me know please chandni

Iam ok wiv that hun x

Hi just wondering if there is a whatsapp group made? Thanks

If you read the conversation you can see the views of members of the forum and also admin. My own experience has been to communicate with others on threads that you find a connection with. This can lead to forming friendships and communicating via the messaging option. But always be mindful of keeping your personal info private.