Can you cope with this pain?

I just miss my husband soooo much. Two months on and I have not made any progress. What shall I do?


I’m so sorry Petra… 2 months on was awful… I am almost 6 months since my husband died now but the first weeks I was numb/shocked and busy bring swept in the strong current of “things that must be done”.

At around 2 months is when i went really hopeless. To be honest I don’t really know how I’ve survived this long or if it’s a good thing that I have but I do feel a lot differently to the utter shaky panic I felt earlier at around the timescale you are at now. Its horrid and I’m sorry you’re having to endure it.

Accept help, medication, counselling, company… none of it feels like it could possibly help at the start but in hindsight I’d be dead already without those things. I’m still not sure if I’ll make it or if I really want to but I feel relief from that overwhelming panic of the first months… I still get like that but its less often.

This forum helps me a lot. Knowing people are out there feeling like I do and who love their people just as much but go on breathing anyway makes me feel maybe I can do it too.

Take care of yourself. try not to think about the future for now as it’s too scary. we’re here too.

Hi Petra, sad to hear about your husband and I along with many others on this site know just how you feel. For me I didn’t know what to expect or how long I would be in the wilderness because it had never happened to me before, my soulmate had gone and my world was empty. No one had ever talked to me about grief or grieving and previous deaths had not had the effect on me like losing my soulmate.
It’s early days for you and there is so much to get your head around which does help in a funny way but also not the right time, if that makes sense. Take it slowly and take care of yourself because you are very vulnerable at present. xxx

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