Can you help me…

In view of my introduction… can you help me or can I help you?


Hello @Railways1,

Thank you for reaching out - I hope you find the community to be a support to you. I’m so sorry for the loss of your son Nicky.

I’m a little unsure if you meant to share your profile information in a thread of its own, so I have pasted it below for you so that members can learn more about you:

I am a wife, mother, daughter & very proud grandmother who lost her first born son 20 years ago from suicide… my dear sweetheart Nicky. My husband didn’t understand my pain, I could not stay in my home (I would have gone with my son), I ran away & I lost myself in my work… My husband wouldn’t move he didn’t blame the house?! I have asked the Lord for forgiveness for my sins & I am desperately holding on….God am I praying for a miracle… In Jesus Christs name our Lord Amen…

Take good care,


Try breathing easy…in for a few counts…hold…out for a few counts. I know when my breathing isn’t relaxed I get panicked and my anxiety increases with racing thoughts. I’ve started getting outdoors more and just breathing.

All of us have crosses to bear…all of us.

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Oh darling, what a dreadful thing to go through. I understand completely about you not wanting to be in your house, just too hard.
Have you found some peace at all? I do hope so . Penny x