Can you share any words of support?

This online community really shows the power that the right words can have to change how someone is feeling.

So, I’d like to know what people have said or written that has helped you at a difficult time. By sharing it, you might be helping someone else on here to cope.

It could be an inspirational quote that touched you when you were feeling low. Or perhaps it was a piece of advice or reassurance that someone gave you that made all the difference. Or just something you would like to say to people on this site who are struggling.

Pass it on. Reply to this post to share your words of support.

The quote that really helps me goes something like this ‘when it gets so tough I feel like I can’t cope anymore I remember that so far my track record of coping with tough days is 100% and that’s pretty good’…


That’s lovely, tlang, thanks for sharing!

Someone who was close to me once said ‘giving up was not an option’

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Hi Mags, thanks for taking the time to share those words that helped you.

I see it’s been a while since you have posted on the Community. How have you been doing? Hope you’ve been coping ok.

I’ve scanned two pages from my husband’s farewell letter for easy access; I find myself reading and re reading a couple of paragraphs in particular; he hoped when I felt down and low I could read this letter and take some comfort from the fact that he was still communicating with me. It’s sad yet comforting in a strange way. And of course I watch the video recording he left me, every evening soon as I return from work. it sort of makes up for him not being here to welcome me home. The Video is my lifeline.

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Finding this site has been a God send. It’s comforting to know you’re not alone, there are others here who are going or have gone through the same desperate grief/pain. I’ve learnt grieving is a natural process, it has no rules, conditions or a time limit, unfortunately, family, friends, colleagues don’t understand that.

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Hi Libby,

Thanks for sharing - it’s very moving to think that your husband left you those words of support. He sounds like a very thoughtful man.

I am so glad to hear this site is helping you feel less alone - that is exactly what we hoped it would do for people.

You are so right, ppl don’t fully understand the devastating void, for me it is losing my husband, my soul-mate and emotional support. Even his son and grandchildren do not talk about him anymore,even thou we did all get together to remember my husband’s birthday.Sometime I am having a good day, then suddenly its like some1 throwing a black blanket over me:I cant breath,nor see, all I can say is:why, my love?

Hi Priscilla, I have just joined this community as I think reading posts from people who have lost someone close to them will help. I have recently lost my lovely Mum and just returned to work which really seems meaningless and pointless to be rushing around at work. Your Mum teaches you everything but doesn’t prepare you how to cope without her. The void is truly awful. Thank you to whoever started this forum.

Hi ddene. Welcome to the community and thank you for what you have said. I lost my Mum 4 years ago next month and I can understand what you are saying. Losing someone so close really does make you think about what is really important. You say that your Mum teaches you everything but not how to cope with without them. To have this sort of relationship is special and although you might think she hasn’t taught you how to deal with her loss I believe that you will have gained the strngth and wisdom, even though it might not feel like it now, to cope. I am thinking about you. Christine.

Hi ddene,

A very warm welcome, and thank you for your kind words about this forum - what you have said is exactly what why we have started it.

I am glad to see you have already had some supportive replies from Christine on this conversation and from Nick on the other conversation you posted in.

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your lovely mum. I see in your other post that people have been telling you that you need to move on - sometimes people who have not experienced bereavement don’t understand just how long this can take. Four weeks is not long at all and it’s completely normally to struggle, and to feel that everyday life is meaningless.

Going back to work is tough for many people. Are your employer and colleagues being supportive?

You might be interested to read this recent conversation between some of our members:

This includes posts from Sarah and Laney who have both lost parents, and have mentioned struggling with going back to work.

I hope this helps. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.