Cancer treatment 20 years behind

It is disgraceful that we are 20 year behind treatment for cancer care than other European countries. With the growing number of cancer cases in the young,this should be our number one priority,as they say 1 in 2 will be affected. I do think one of the worst things is the distance some patients have to travel for treatment as not all hospitals have scans,MRI and pet scans. Will it ever get betterThis is what the human race should be fighting instead of each other.


The UK is the worse on many things, all our government wants is to take take take they only care about capitalism. We used to be a socialist country but now it all revolves around how much money they can get for themselves and their cronies. I agree the money being spent on futile wars could be better spent !

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It is all the same,I have just seen the price of renewal for our car insurance. Last year it went up a lot,again this year it has gone up. The same will be for house insurance and travel insurance. Even for pets there used to be a time vets would treat a pet,then say pay me later,not now they want the money first before they even look at the poor animal.

I don’t know we got a decent hemotology clinic in my city, a lot of rooms in the hospital seemed new and was told they had only been built in a year. I recently been diagnosed with Myaloma Cancer, blood cancer. But it is treatable and like I said staff have been brilliant, can’t fault them. But obviously were you live will effect that. Maggie’s does good work too!

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Yes my home insurance went up £100 car ins by £60 mortgage has more than doubled, etc etc. I think vets take money upfront the same as the dentist does because a lot of people were getting the treatment then walking away without paying, so really what else can they do.

I do think it is luck of the draw with health care, my area seem very good and have a lot of facilities and a really good modern A&E and scan centre. it could be because we are a hub for a big area but i never have any complaints myself.
we can choose where we go for treatment now as well.

I can’t complain but main hospital seems run down and mistakes are being made there. I got lucky! regarding cancer it’s not going to go away, more people will be diagnosed with it in the years to come. I was unlucky in one way there’s nothing I could do regards Myaloma. I was told can’t catch it through, smoking, drinking, or through genetics. But it give me something to concentrate on.