I lost my dad may and feeling so angry and lost and confused. I have no other support from family friends live far away to top of off my cousin has run off with my eulogy and the service we had printed for him plus a rosary my aunt gave me on the day due to her being drunk at the funeral I know it isn’t much I feel I want to keep everything he ever touched how stupid he was my best friend and my mom and dad all in one I don’t see how I can live without his sense of humour or daily good morning texts. Struggling:/

Hi Pops999, I’m so sorry about the loss of your Dad, surely your cousin would give you back the items she took, she probably doesn’t realise how important they are to you, you have to take a day at a time, you will never stop missing him, but you will eventually be able to remember the good times you had together, rather than the dreadful loss you feel at the moment, be kind to yourself, sending love Jude xx