My dad had 4 different cancer diagnosis when your told this by text from someone who is supposed to be your mother its devastating and i felt as though my dad had died .i know this is odd .Each day i woke thinking will this be the day he dies ? And when that day comes that he does die it hits you again like an even bigger wrecking ball .i have nightmares on the 26th of January it will be 11 months since he passed it hurts :disappointed_relieved:


Hi Mirage, Iā€™m so sorry to read this. I can totally understand what you mean as you start grieving in a way when you find out the diagnosis. And despite that nothing prepares you for the enormity and devastation of losing them when it happens. I hope you have plenty of support around you, whether family, friends or professionals - as well as everyone here who understands what you are feeling. I will be thinking of you on the 26th.

I lost my Dad to cancer too and it has been devastating :broken_heart: Having to see someone you love suffer.


Thankyou im sorry for your loss .cancer is so cruel i am getting support from people unfortunately my mother and brother arent part of this due to other devastating circumstances that have come to light since my fathers passing so im suffering with anxiety and depression due to the repercussions of his death and im now dealing with other trauma and not knowing about my 49 years of life anymore how can people be so cruel to someone i cant get over

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