It seems so so many lives are being taken by cancer and much too soon, in ages unknown before, 30s-50s, 60s.

I have read many posts and all I see are deaths from cancer. It seems very abnormal. I am sorry for everyone’s loss.

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Hi @berit
My mom passed 3 years this April, brain tumors, she was only 64 when she died. I know what you mean, so many stories of people dieing so young, & they just become a statistic on a spreadsheet, :woman_facepalming:t2: it’s very disturbing. She was very young, too young, it kills me, I see so many people who’s parents are in their 70s & 80s, & feel “Why?! Why did she have to die so young?!” :pensive::pleading_face: & why did my caring & supportive mom die, & yet my abusive alcoholic dad still lives, & is due to celebrate his 70th birthday next month, :sob: I am sad that my mom will never get to celebrate her 70th.

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I am so very sorry. I know she hated leaving you. Things have gone so awry in the world … it bothers me and I wonder if a cure has been suppressed. I no longer know what is going on anymore or what to believe.

Hi im just back from Vietnam amazing place . Re the rising levels of cancer in the UK are the highest in Europe we are called the fat man of Europe!! due to obesity . Didnt see any of it in Vietnam no Obesity scooters very heathy food no mountains of burgers and chips . I hasen to add thats not responsible for many types of cancer . I lost my darling wife to bowl cancer she lead a healthy life style but there is no silver bullet . In Vietnam there is no public health care and no benifit culture . Obesity is becoming a real killer as it is the cause of many of the cancers that are killing younger and younger people . I was absolutely shocked the fist day i went to my local town at the amount of Fat people yes i said it Fat people. And our young children are at the risk of having a very shortened life the way things are going . The frustrating thing is we are doing it to ourselves and with all the thing we could die from why hold the gun to your head !!!

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thanks for the reply and it is so interesting. I feel obesity is SO much to blame.

I am in the US but we lived in Kent in the early 70s when I was a child and your country then had no fat people. Also, in the US we had one or two “fat ladies” and that was all.

:thinking:… I see your point, & I’ll admit that too much processed foods are responsible for some illnesses, & I remember an article in a magazine years ago that said a study had proven that some E numbers & sweeteners can increase your risk of certain cancers. But my mom died of brain tumors, back in 2000/2001 I remember they had proved that radio waves, like we use with our phones all the time, can cause brain tumors, & something I feel is proof of this, my mom’s first tumour was on her left side just above her ear, when she used her phone for calls, she always held it on that side. So I agree that humans, as a species, are killing ourselves through shear ignorance.
But I don’t think it can all be down to diet, I am 5ft 4" & for most of my adult life have circled a healthy 9-10st, so I have never been over weight, but last year, lost nearly 2stone in weight, I was sent for a colonoscopy, they removed a polyp, & though it was non-cancerous, I was later informed that there was a cluster of cells in it, that were the type that would of become cancerous in about 10 years if it had been left, so it can’t all be blamed on obesity. Though I do recognise the impact on health obesity causes, & also causes health conditions with the heart.
There is also increased cancer risk caused by people smoking, or drinking alcohol. My dad has always had a drink problem, & started smoking when he was very young, & eventually quite in his late 30s, last year he was diagnosed with COPD, I googled, statistically, the top 2 things people with COPD die of is, 1)lung cancer, & 2) heart conditions caused by the COPD.

Hi .
Im coming to your neck of the woods in may . (The national parks ) . It will be interesting to compare the US compared with the UK on the size front . Its alway been a joke about everything is bigger in the US x

yes and very little reporting is done on this …

I am very sorry. 43 is much too young and fit and healthy … there is something wrong for sure. toxins in our food is abundant. and plastics we ingest.