Cannot cope

Can I ask who is helping you with the council it sounds helpful to me if they do a discrepancy I took suffer with ill health, bad back, mental health please stay in touch with me I would like to know how you are getting on with your house.
So sorry for your loss xx

i was struggling alot and the fact she died before christmas time and i had everthing planned for decemeber buying her new clothes it just put everything out of sync. so i live in manchester and was advised by CAB to reach out to legal advice centre who deals with housing issues etc.

from there i been in contact with them and have housing welfare advisor whos helping me deal with all matters of forms because psychologically, mentally and physically i’m too ill to deal with stuff like this, im grateful and my welfare advisor has been great help abd advised me of my case and how to make it strong in order to keep my house. i got gp letter, and also letter from my welfare advisor explaining how it would be detrimental to mh for me losing my home.

my best advice to you is to reach out CAB and asked to speak a legal advisor who deals with housing issues as they tend to have legal advisors within their organisation as mine had backlog i was advised to see if theire legal advice centre in my area and it went from there. i’m still long way on whether i can or cabt secure this tenancy but i am trying to do everything i can but its so difficult, when your consumed with grief, you just have no sense of direction and trying to multi task with all aftermath after my mum’s death. I hope it gets easy for you but please dont give up and keep fighting for your right. The legal system should not take advantage of people who just suffered bereavement and know that theyre vulnerable. its just not right

I totally agree with you and I took am going through exactly the same as you health wise. I phoned cab this morning and they told me straight that I have no rights to keep my house.

@Dollyaydream, I’m so sorry you’ve got all this added stress on top of losing your mum. You’ve had lots of good advice on this thread already, but I just wanted to share this link from Shelter with you too in case it’s helpful:

Hi thank you for sending me the info I have already read through this, what I find confusing is that some websites tell you you can and some don’t. I think I’m fighting a losing battle

i’m so sorry that CAB was not helpful and very surprised that they didnt atleast signpost you a legal advice centre within your area. i live in manchester so i did google some legal advice centres within areas and found one within my area with help of legal aid which there is some criteria to be eligible for housing solicitors or welfare advisors to help with you regards matters like these. the suggestion below shelter was somethingsuggested to me. what i would suggest is type in google free legal aid in housing solicitors there are solicitors who are more than happy to work on your pro bono. i hope that helps.

I’m not sure how my case is going or how it will end up, but I really wish i didnt have to be like this because i know im not ready to take anything on especilly with my mental state whilst im still going through bereavement and everything. its the last thing you need on top of grieving for your loss. i wish the council was not so insensitive people like us going this. i hope that helps, if you have any questions feel message me xx

Great thank you for the advice I will Google what you have told me and see what I can find, im in the west midlands.

I really do hope you get to keep your house and you are so right regarding the council not being more supportive.

Have you tried talking therapies online to help you they are trained people who deal with mh, bereavement. I have someone phoning me tonight to talk to me

Please do keep in touch with me

no problem i just found a link that i hope to be useful to their like one who can provide advice on your housing etc. below i copied the link

sadly, the places i have asked such as cruse or the nhs talking therapies has a backlog of referrals. i wont be getting help anytime soon. i could try going private but financially im unable to do so with my circumstances. i just post here to talk about my feelings and hope that someone out there understands what im going through.

Oh bless you for doing that for me I will take a look at that when I’m not feeling like I am tonite.
I only rang talking therapies on Saturday night and they’ve got me a telephone appt tonite( don’t know what time tho) so I’m just sat here waiting for the phone to ring. I need to hear a human voice cos this house feels so empty.

Have you got anyone you can talk to, I reached out to my cousin on sat night cos I was really feeling low, before my mom’s funeral we hadn’t spoken for years didn’t have a fall out or anything just drifted apart and he and his wife have been really helpful and I’ve not even met his wife but she has been so supportive to me since sat feels like I’ve known her for ages, they are coming round to mine one of the nights to sit with me.