cannot explain what happened.

Saturday at 1amish,i decided to bring a few boxes from the garage into the bungalow to sort through.i also moved a bit of furniture.the side of the garage is at the bottom left side of the little was very dark,so when I opened the side door to the garage I left the keys in.there is no access to the garden you have to go through the bungalow to get there.well I made a few trips,then with the last items I went to lokck the garage door.Icouldnt lock it the key wouldn’t turn.i tried just trying turn key with door open ,I know you have to lift the door handle to be able turn the key and lock it.nothing I tried another key took a few attempts as theres about 9 keys on the keyring.i aint got a clue why after opening the door and leaving the key in it then wouldn’t the hell did the key that was in the lock suddenly become the wrong key to lock the door.ive been in garage a few times at night and other times and this as never happened before.
sorry if it doesnt make sense and ive droned on but im really puzzled
thank you to anyone whose got to the end of my iffy post

was hoping some one might of experienced like to believe it was some kind of sign from above.what it means I haven’t got a clue.

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It could be a sign that you are maybe not ready to deal with boxes and furniture and to be careful x

Hello again, Ian,
I have had strange happenings as you have, it is getting late now and I shall soon turn into a pumpkin :blush: If you would like me to, I will catch up tomorrow.
Sleep sweetly, Ian.

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hi MaryL
hope you sleep well thank you very much for dropping in on my post .

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