Cannot Function

I am not coping well today. There is so much to do so much to worry about. I’ve had a good few days with my daughters and my grandson who has just had is 1st Birthday. Today i am tearful worried and have brain fog. I am spreading Steve’s ashes on Thursday with his family. I’ve had to sign up for universal credit because Steve didn’t sign his will. So everything is left to his good for nothing son. Leaving me with virtually nothing. On top of that they do nothing put pester me to find work and have a work capability assessment. Well i am sorry i have more to think and worry about. I am fit for nothing at the moment. I am 62 had cancer trying to grief and not worked for 8 year as i was my partners carer 24 hours a day. I am tired and exhausted. I just wish all the pain would go away. Steve passed away in Jan this year.


I am so sorry to read this. I’m not too sure about the law, is there not something about “Common Law Husband & Wife?” Can you maybe seek legal advice? If you were contributing to bills, mortgage etc. surely you would have a say?

This is the worst thing in my opinion; they come crawling out of the woodwork when money is involved.

Sending you a big hug…x❤️


@Ang1960 so sorry to see your message and how you are not coping today. I too have had a bad day day and i know how hard it is to cope
I am glad you have your family to support you. My children and Grandchildren have given me strength but it is still hard. I really hope you get some financial help too. Sending love

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@Dottie72 There is no such thing as a common law husband/wife in English law. However, if you have cohabited and there is no will you may be able to make a claim through the courts. Maybe expensive and outcome will depend on the facts of each case.
Best thing to do to avoid inheritance problems is I’m afraid marry/civil partnership and Will.

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