Cant accept he has gone

After a very short diagnosis, and the disgusting treatment my loving kind Step Dad had we lost him 2 weeks later. Today is his funeral and i just cant take in he isnt coming back. We should all been Flying to Cyprus on the 26th July. My mam and him and my husband and Children. But today we are saying goodbye. I cant breath and have been strong for my mam. They have been together for 30 years


Hi sorry for your loss. I can’t lie today is going to be very emotional. Just be there for your mum give her support . If you feel like crying then cry don’t hold it back. Your dad will always be with you . I dont know how i got though my husbands funeral most of it was a daze but i kept thinking this is the last thing i can do for him so im going to make him proud. I even managed to read something i wrote didnt think i would get though it but in my head i was saying im doing it for jim. All the best for today . Make him proud .


I have wrote something i am saying and carrying his coffin. I just hope i can do it for him. We hadnt had time to process he was poorly and then when the insensitive, no compassion or Empathy consultant told him would be weeks rather than months, the twinkle in his eye, the light went out. He came home and week later passed in my mams arms :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: this is like am living a nightmare and i wake up soon