Can't accept it

My mum died 10 days ago now. But it still doesn’t feel real, the day she died i cried and cried but since then I have just felt numb. I want to grieve properly so badly but I just don’t have any emotion in me, its like my body is putting up all its defences and not letting me understand the reality of it.
Don’t get me wrong, I am heartbroken. I am only 20 years old and the thought of the rest of my life without my mum makes me feel sick. But I can’t accept it and I know i need to in order to have any chance of moving on. Just getting out of bed is a struggle these days.
My mum was my best friend, and we did absolutely everything together. The thought of never doing things together again scares me.

Please someone help me, I don’t know how to accept it. Is what I’m going through normal??

Hi. Sophie

I was so sorry to read this. I lost my Mum four months ago and still feel numb and unbelieving of what has happened. From what I have read on this forum what we are going through is normal.

Please take lots of care of yourself, sounds silly but try and eat something each day, also keep warm. The last thing you need is to become ill at the moment. Have you got family or close friends nearby to talk to?

I am sure you will get lots of replies from people here so don’t feel alone.


I’m sorry to hear about your loss too Mel. I really hope it is. I just wake up each day not knowing what to expect because it’s something new every day.
I am trying to do that as best as I can. I’ve got tonnes of friends, and my mums friends supporting me, and my brother who I am close with who is obviously going through the same. I appreciate all the support massively, it’s just no one can take away the pain :frowning:

Thank you so much for your reply, it means a lot being able to talk to people who know how I’m feeling

Hi Sophie im very sorry for your loss .Take each day a day at a time try not to plan if you dont have (i.e work) .Dont think about grieving it will happen at some stage .You need to take small steps try to eat .Have you been to your GP? also the Samaritians .You can offload with them and you wont hurt there feelings .Dont emotionally beat yourself up because you think your not grieving .There isnt a right or wrong way to grieve .Priscilla community manager give a pm she will help you re contact with others .Friendship hug Colin (57)

Thank you so much for your advice, I will certainly take it on board.