Can't believe Mum's gone

My Mum passed away 3 days ago. She’s been poorly for quite a while and I’ve been caring for both my parents for about 10 years. My dad has advanced dementia. I know I’m still in shock because I found her slumped by the bed on the floor. She was in quite good health after fighting an infection and was discharged from hospital a couple of days before. We were laughing and singing together at a TV programme the night before. I’m in total disbelief. I just don’t know what to say or do. I just wanted to tell somebody who’ll listen and understand. We were so close and she had always been my best friend. I can’t make sense of anything right now.

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My mum passed away 16 days ago after a 7 week diagnosis. I’m finding it difficult to accept that everything has happened so quickly and suddenly. For a few split seconds every day I forget and then the realisation hits me like a ton of bricks. My mum was also my best friend and the sense of loss is indescribable.
Thinking of you.

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I am so sorry for your loss, Minty and for yours Bella. My Mum died, a month ago, 8 weeks after falling and breaking her hip. For a while it seemed she’d recover and then, suddenly, she was dying. She was my best friend, too. I miss her so much. We were great companions and now life feel so terribly empty without her.

My mum died 4 months ago… i miss her terribly, i hate my life now… my mum was my best friend the one true person i could rely on. So sorry to you all…im thinking of you minty bella and annes son hugs x


Another in this Mumless club. 7 months on and I miss her so much every day. It is lovely that there are so many of us out there who had their Mum as their best friend. I cannot understand people who moan about their parents, they don’t know how lucky they are and what they will lose when they pass away.

I think of Mum everyday and all the things I want to tell her. I am the same as you Devastated, I loathe my life now and what I have become. I have reverted to a childlike state, crying at the slightest thing and constantly worrying about my future. Other days I can be quite ‘normal’. I just it gets easier as time passes. I know I felt my world had crashed in when Dad passed away and did slowly come to terms with that.

To all of you I am thinking of you and willing you on to cope with each day.


Thinking of you mel, life is definately not good without a mum…your right some people dont realise how lucky they are to still have their mum…i would do anything to have mine back. Im glad i spent a lot of time with my mum and told her often i loved her.

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I lost my mum two weeks ago after going to A&E being told she has cancer in her bowel and lung . Kidney failure and SEPSIS 8 days I had to watch her , fighting for her . Mum was the centre of my universe ! She was only 67 not her time not by today’s standards . I just feel so lonely and lost without her, watching my best friend die, the one person who understood me completely . The only nana who loves my son as if he where her own . My world is so different now . I just don’t know how I see my future without her by my side .X

I’m so sorry for your terrible loss, Seren.

Hiya Devastated
I am with you totally hun on all your feelings, i lost my beautiful Mam 6 months ago she was 62, my world
Maybe we can chat and share our experiences ? X

Hi it would be really nice to talk to someone who gets it . Xx

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Hi Hun yes I get it x chat away x

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Hiya how are you doing ? Just message me when u ready to chat x hope we can help each other

I lost my mum three days ago and I feel so lost I just want to hear her voice and tell her I love her one last time

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So sorry, Connormc. :frowning:

Wow. I’m having a really tough evening today and it’s weirdly comforting to know I’m not the only one missing her best friend who was also her mum. I hope that doesn’t sound wrong but sometimes it feels like no one understands how I’m feeling because I don’t know anyone who had that sort of relationship with their mum. My mum was my world and it’s 13 weeks today since she died. I still look around and can’t believe she isn’t here and I won’t see her again. it’s so difficult to keep plodding on but I know she’d want me to do am trying so hard but there are times it’s a losing battle. This site is a huge help at times like this.


Hello. I’ve just found this forum and this thread. My Mum had cancer for just over a year. She was so stoic, even even when she got secondary brain mets around Christmas. I’ve always lived with mum, and became her full time carer. Mum died 4 weeks ago today. This weekend has been the first weekend that I’ve been on my own all weekend, as the funeral was last Monday, and it was pretty full on up until then. I’m struggling today. We always went out on the weekend. I’m missing mum like mad. I know I have to go through this, but goodness it hurts like hell, doesn’t it? I always thought I’d like some ‘me’ time. How wrong was I.

Hi. I hope you’re ok. Well done on getting through this first weekend since the funeral. I know it doesn’t feel like it but it’s a step forward.

It’s such a huge change to go from full time carer to silence. I did the same and three months on still can’t believe what a huge hole there is and knowing that she won’t be able to share everything that happens in my life going forward is so difficult.


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