Can't cope I losing myself

People say it gets easier I no its not been 5 weeks since she was gone but I really can’t cope I can’t stop crying or do anything cos I thinking about her all the time I try doin things to take my mind of it but it’s not working at all


Sorry for your devastating loss. It’s early days for you. I lost my husband 12 months ago. I have texted griefchat and they suggested I write a journal of our memories. Just because our loved ones have gone does not mean we cannot hold a connection with them. I feel this helps me to stay close to my H. I feel less lonely. This forum also helps as you can say exactly how you feel to people who understand as they are also going through grief. I have come to realise that it is a process that we have to go through at our own pace. Live hour by hour to start. Just try to get through each day. I felt I was on the outside looking in wandering around in a fog. The reality kicks in later and all the emotions. Keep texting Sending hugs x


Dear Nel

Your reply to Jonyawie was I’m sure very helpful and very kind Thank you for reaching out to her. I’m sorry you have had to experience your own pain of bereavement and send you my very best wishes.


Dear Jonawie

It takes courage to make a first post on here so I’d like to welcome you on behalf of Sue Ryder. This forum is of such value to our correspondents and it’s heartwarming to see the kind messages and thoughts people send to help others.

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss although you say very little, sometimes the briefest messages hold the greatest pain. Do continue to reach out on here and let us know a little more about your situation if you feel able.

Do look at the counselling service we offer, or at the Samaritans who you can contact night and day. Call 116123.

My thoughts are with you.