Can't cope without my husband

Hello everyone.
Sorry to be writing again but I am at home on my own and I am not coping. I can only cry for my husband and dread my life without him. I haven’t been alone for 52 years and it is unbearable. I sit looking at his empty chair and talking to him and I want him to talk back but I know I am being stupid. How do I go on alone. I just want him here with me. Will the pain ever go away. I don’t know how to carry on but I know I must for him. It is even harder now they couldn’t find any cause for his death ant it is going to the coroner. I can see the garden he made and all the plants he did for my enjoyment but there cannot be joy without him. Will it ever get easier. Love to you all. Carol


It will get easier, but not just yet. One day you find yourself going out into the garden and smile, because it will remind you what he did for you.
You will one day we be to think of him, remember the happy times you shared, you will still be sad and shed tears it’s normal no easy fix just time.
Be kind to yourself.
Love Debbie X

Thank you so much Debbie57. I am going to do as you say but it will be difficult as I don’t want to upset them but he is my husband and I owe it him. I do appreciate your reply. Love Carol

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