Can't Cope

I lost my Mum on the 7th December 21 and my wife on the 21st December 21. My mum’s funeral is Monday 17th Jan and I’m not sure I can cope. I just want to cry.
Now benefits tell me that there going to cut my benefits to £77 per week and that I’ve been over paid. Then they told me that I would be changed over to universal credits which means I’ll go at lest four weeks without money. Talk about kicking you when your down.
I just can’t see how I’m going to get over the loss of two family members and having to go to two funerals to say goodbye to them and having everyone saying how sorry they are for my loss. They don’t really know how I feel and what’s going on. How do I cope with all this and not crack up. I feel sad, so lost. I’m sitting here starting to cry again. How do I cope?


Oh mate I feel so sad for you it’s not easy when my hubby died in August I had to go on uc because I’m not pension age lost all Jim’s money and had to wait 5 weeks for any money. Rent was not being paid so now I’m in arrears. But I did apply for bereavement payment you get 2. 500 up front which helped with funeral costs and £100 a month. Stay strong you are goin to need all your strength to get though its not going to be easy sorry but I have to say truth. Good luck xx


So sorry to read your letter. Two close family members days apart is to much for anyone.
Can’t imagine how you feel but I list my husband and know how lost I am. Hope you get your finances started and if you don’t have enough go to see Citizens Advice you have to live on a certain some.
Good Luck x

Oh my goodness Tim. My heart goes out to you. How on earth you can cope with those two bereavements close together, then on top of that having to deal with losing money too…
Have you any family around you? At least it will help if you have someone to speak to.
Have you applied for the bereavement grant? That is normally paid pretty quickly.
You can only do what you can do…the people who deal with the benefits don’t see the people, they just read from a script, it’s hard but you can’t take it personally.
I’m so very, very sorry for your terrible loss

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Thank you everyone for your support and understanding it helps so much.
I have applied for the bereavement grant, just waiting for it, I’m just not looking forward to Monday but I’m hoping my step-daughter will be there to support me, the rest of the family don’t really understand but unfortunately my step-daughter has covid so I have everything crossed she’ll be ok for Monday.
Again thank you everyone.