Can't cope

I lost my dad 3 years ago he was my best friend hero and love of my life and I still haven’t come to terms with it I was diagnosed with complicated grief disorder I’m still in tears for him every day.
Then I lost my mum suddenly before Christmas and I cannot cope without her I just want to be with them miss them so much I cry every single day and sometimes cry myself to sleep.
People in work just say just get on with it I can’t and don’t know how that makes me feel like no one truly cares so why am I here


I was just ruminating tonight missing my mom and dad soooo much. I am so sorry. there is no “getting over it.” mine are gone five years and it still hurts bad.

I know how you feel. we here know how you feel … I do. I ignored those people telling me that. maybe they were not as close.

my sympathies to you …

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my dad was my hero, too. he saved me from so many jams. my mother was my friend. I still cannot believe that they are gone. I still cry, like right now.

it is very painful. I work very hard to be a stellar person kind a good friend and helpful and gracious to all I meet.

it is all I can offer the world, now.


Hi both

Nearly 3 years on from losing my mum I still cry regularly. I’m changed forever without my parents and no matter what fun or enjoyment I try to have, there is always a cloud of sadness over my life.

Cheryl x

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awwww … you must have loved them so. :sparkling_heart:


My dad died a long time ago so I don’t think about it too much. He has almost been gone from my life as long as he was in it. But I cannot get over my mum.

She was my best friend and I thought she would live till she was 90 .

Cheryl x

all we can do is remember what they taught us … for they taught us knowing one day we would be without them to carry on. life is so hard! :slight_smile: ( and the state of the world is not helping!