Cant cope

Have a really low day so tired trying to cope even got completely ignored by a so called friend today as if i am a leper why cant people understand how we are feeling :broken_heart: i have decided that I’m going to take the anti depression tablets will call surgery tomorrow i am really stressed.
These unkind even cruel people one day the personal grief will come to them then perhaps they will realise what friends and neighbours suport means when they are also ignored and shunned .



It’s very hurtful when your ignored as were very sensitive, it could be that they didn’t know what to say? Or maybe there’s something going on in their life & their heads all over the place.

Try and let it go & know that sometimes friendships don’t survive a bereavement, their loss, in time you’ll make new friends.


Thank you for your kind words i feel so alone i dont think i can carry on all i do is cry everyday everything is just so hard not the energy to live anymore i just want to end this pain.
I know my daughter and son will get over it sometime but i dont want to live like this anymore
Thank you

Good bye

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You’re not alone, you have this community also your children.

How your feeling is normal, after such a long marriage be odd if you didn’t feel so distraught.

It’s very difficult to adjust to being on your own, but adjust you will, you have no choice you have to show your children that they in the future will survive this type of loss.

You are in the worst part, it’s gut wrenching & so shocking, at the moment just try to sleep, eat whatever you fancy, a shower a day & a walk when it’s dark, that’s all you can expect of yourself.

I know you’ll survive this pain in memory of your wife & for your children.


Thank you so much i just became so consumed with grief I’m ok have talked to doctor who is very supportive.
Neighbour from nearby was very helpful and understood perhaps i shouldn’t have taken the snub from that unkind friend so personal.
I will be ok had a rest and now going to take dog for his walk. Thank you for your support
Sent hug mike


Take each hour as it comes. You have your lovely dog who you must keep going for😊
Your wife wouldn’t want you to be in so much emotional pain. That’s what I keep saying to myself about my hubby.
I do know how you feel
My hubby died 5 weeks ago & I have 2 doggies who I keep going for🙏🏻

Thank you for you kind words i know your right i can just hear her telling me to be brave and to look to the future it’s an uphill strugle that many people don’t even begin to understand when you have been with someone over 50 years then in1 cruel week to have it all taken away.
I have now tremendous support from 2 lovely doctors who together :heart: we have worked out a plan of continuing support.
I would like to thank everyone who has shown such kindness :heartpulse: in this forum without chatting if thats a way of writing how i feel and receiving such kind words
Sending big hugs Mike

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You’re in my thoughts x

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