Can't move on

It’s now been 9 weeks since I’ve lost my mum and the grief is still as raw if not worse than when she first passed.I’m breaking down on and off all day long. I can’t move forward my heart is completely broken .been docs he can’t give me anything it’s just time that it needs.I just don’t think it’s ever getting better

Oh Collywobbles

So sorry to see this. Replied to you before a few weeks ago. It is just so horrible isn’t it? Feel like I have had a part of me torn away and it isn’t healing. 4 months for me and feels like yesterday some days and much longer others. Will have a good day and then it is like a plaster being ripped off and it all starts pouring out again. Maybe see your Doc again and ask if there is any other help they can give you or advice?

Thinking of you and hope you have a reasonable night