Cant sleep

For some reason today has been not do good. Yesterday was the same suddenly hit me that he is not here and i feel so sad.
I thought i was doing so good but seeing people around me today as couples together has made me so sad that i dont have him around to help me laugh smile and ask advice on matters.
Have not slept well for the last few days i am now overtired and my brain just wont let me stop thinking thoughts of him.
I know i have lots of happy memories but currently feeling down sad. Hope tomorrow brings a better day x


I hear you, your thoughts… I could have written this post tonight. Hope some peace finds you. It’s shock all over again at how we thought we were doing so well. I’m hoping having this community will offer a cathartic space to empty my mind of all these jumbled thoughts which are very individual to me but also cross over with many other people here… Like you