Can't sleep

It’s now 02:10. I’m wide awake. I’m sat here yawning but just cannot sleep.

I’ve had a shower, I thought that might help, but no. Reading doesn’t help. I’ve tried Nytol. Still no sleep.

This isn’t helping my MS. But, what can I do. I’ve sat talking to hubby. Tried playing a game.

What does everyone else do. I’m so tired.

I’ve found something that helps me fall asleep, but I still wake up during the night. For falling asleep I use melatonin. It works pretty well, you take it an hour before going to bed. I can’t take sleeping pills, but maybe it’s something to try? Sending hugs. :heart:

I haven’t slept in my bed since my son died 7 weeks ago. The only thing that works for me is falling asleep on the sofa with the TV on. I still wake in the early hours and I’m exhausted but a few hours sleep is better than none. I hope you find something that works for you X

There are lots of podcasts that offer “bedtime stories” for adults which are soothing to listen to, so if youre awake its something for your mind to tune into, but its calming enough that you can also drift off with it in the background. Another trick i was taught that sometimes works is to count backwards from 10,000 in your head, roughly with each breath. Its designed to give a restless mind something to focus on, but not something so interesting that it will waken you further. Sort of sheep counting but in reverse!

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Thank you for the podcast idea x I’ll try this tonight :heart:

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(Maybe just be careful if you search for “adult bedtime stories” as it might open up a whooole different stream of content!) :see_no_evil:


The Calm app has some lovely sleep stories and sleep music. I love the non fiction stories as its micro learning if you cam sleep. Last night i was listening to a story about Easter Island.

I haven’t slept for days. Mind is racing and feel scared. Already lost mum and dad 9 weeks apart. I’ve now got anxiety everyone is dying. All part of grief I guess.

Take care. Hope you all sleep better tonight. Rob x


Thanks RobBeat08 will give it a go.
Anything is worth a try. Was thinking of getting an eye mask.

Please accept my condolences on your losses. Things can’t be easy for you.

@mags66 i take melatonin too. It helps me settle and if and when I wake up I find in can fall back to sleep more quickly.

I ordered it on line.

Hope it helps


I have sleep headphone with an eye mask. It’s a game changer and I travel everywhere with it.

Meditation could help. I can’t clear my mind though.

Thank you so much @mags66

Grief is a cruel beast and I’m sad your on this journey with us all. Sorry for your loss as well. Rob x

Thank you.