Can't stop crying

My beloved Rob passed away suddenly 2 weeks before Christmas and I am completely broken and life and everything else seems pointless. I just have a big hole in my heart and cry all the time. I’m 68 and he was 75. We were one heart and one mind and together 24/7 and even used to write songs together we would perform at open mics and pubs and make lovely things to sell at craft fairs. We used to love exploring and had our special places we used to drive to and sit and watch nature. I don’t drive and wouldn’t be able to anyway because of health problems. We live in a flat so I now feel really cut off and isolated.
My daughter took me into my nearest town 10 miles away yesterday for the first time since my partner passed away as I needed to go to the bank etc and I just broke down and cried as Rob and I always went to town together and had tea there and used to often sit in the gardens there. I felt almost panicky that he was not there and I cried for the rest of the day. Feels like my heart and life has been torn apart. My daughter lives about 5 miles away and due to work and school runs and looking after the kids can’t visit me that often. Felt horrible with her driving there and back instead of Rob and passing places that were special to us and him not being with me. He was the kindest most caring man and I don’t know how to carry on without him. We often used to go out in the car on a whim in the evenings to watch a sunset. Now all that has gone.


Sorry for your loss,it really is the most painful,heartbreaking feeling to lose our loved ones,my husband passed away 16 weeks ago it has totally crushed me I hate this awful life without Steve,its our wedding anniversary next Monday would have been 52 years Im dreading it on my own
I understand everything you have wrote at least on here we can express ourselves
Take care

Christine x



Thank you. Yes others on here understand. Even my well meaning daughter doesn’t understand the terrible pain I feel and says time will heal etc but I don’t think it will :cry:


Sal3 I know exactly how you feel. I lost my husband and we buried him just three days before Christmas. My daughter get here when she can but she has her own life too. Alf and I done everything together and like you we were both into nature and going off for drives together. I have to drag myself to the shops now then burst into tears when I get there. Life is so lonely. Take care.


@Kathy38. So sorry for your loss too. It’s so painful isn’t it and think it worse when you’ve had such a close strong loving relationship. Feels like your hearts been torn out.
Sending love and hugs xx

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I cry everyday and I am okay with that never thought it was in my DNA but it is.

I go for a walk everyday ,it helps to reset me but comes with tears but that’s not a bad thing.

I am now going through a song stage not I cannot never listen to songs so let’s go through that stage .

I love talking this forum as I can say things I here that my friends would think I am bay crazy so here goes.

A simple lyric, an advert , a film we watched together , an Apple Phone Memory, a smell there is nothing that won’t make me cry.

But do you know what, I would not have it any other way as it reminds me of Nancy.


Sal3 thank you for your kind words. Take care.