Cant stop crying

8 weeks ago today I lost my husband and our boy lost his Daddy. Today Ive done a task ive been putting off …wrapping xmas presents. I haven’t stopped crying the entire time its soul destroying knowing he wont be here with us ever again. Not only that but i have whole bag of presents that were either intended for him or from him to me. Im struggling and alone! Putting on a brave face for our little boy while dying inside. Every present has been wrapped with tears of loss I miss him so much.


So sorry for your loss, and your poor son losing his daddy. I know exactly how you feel.
I lost my husband 7 weeks ago … I woke up in the morning to find he had passed overnight
We had been together for 44years. He was 64
I have just turned 62 … I have cried so much this week too ,


Hi both I too lost my husband 7 weeks ago he was 46 I honestly think I’m still in shock.
I think my children are what’s keeping me going,and giving me the strength to get up.
I’m wishing Christmas away I also cried wrapping Christmas presents :cry: I haven’t been able to write any cards it just doesn’t seem right his name not being on them.
I think this group is amazing. It makes me realise I’m not the only one and sharing our stories does really help. Missing them is so painful. Always remember we have each other and you will always have someone to chat to and understand on here. Take care xx


@Knn1978 @Lostintheeither I’m so very sorry for your losses. You are both very brave. I have 10 grandchildren and I’ve been unable to wrap anything. I’ve not done any cards either. I’m so glad I found this forum so that we can support each other. I’d not bought any presents for my husband before he died but I know my children had and it’s been so painful for them. Sending you all cuddles and strength xx.


Hi im a mummy of 5 children. I lost my husband 10 weeks ago and its so hard. My husband died suddenly of brain aneurism sadly they couldn’t operate.
The children are excited about Christmas me not so. But i been thinking over the last few days everyday is so so hard Christmas isnt any different its just one day were my emptyness and heartbroken is everyday 24 7 ,its about see my kids happy back to “normal” just for a day then thats what i want. Wrapping was hard but the little faces will help.
Just remember your not alone xxxxxxx

Hi sorry about your loss,I lost my dear Margaret four weeks ago,Xmas hasn’t existed this year I seem to manage,just,during the day,but when night comes,I crack up, I’ve got her ashes at home and I talk to her every day,but she can’t reply,I can’t see me being without her for the next 20 years how long I can continue I don’t know
I know I am not the only one going through this,it’s just trying to find someone to talk to on a daily basis


Hi @mikef1. It’s nearly 7 weeks since I lost my husband. The post you have written could have been written by me! I’ve thought exactly the same. There’s too much time in front of me to be without him and sometimes the thought is unbearable. It’s still VERY early days for both of us and I hope you have some good support around you. My children and I were dreading Christmas but got through it as best we could mainly because they all have small children. Take great care of yourself. Big cuddle to you xx. Jean.

Mikef1, I lost Gill 3 months ago, I wish I could say I feel a bit better at coping now but to be honest I cant. all we can do is try to keep going . I know the feeling about carrying on but it passes and when I am at my lowest I speak to Gill ( I have her ashes at home too ) and tell her how I feel and it seems to help. I miss her so much my whole body aches but we must keep on going for as long as we have memories to draw on . It is so hard and painful just take any solace from wherever you can , sending you my thoughts and love .


Thank you so much for your kind words,right now can’t wait to get back to work, trying to keep busy but only so many times I can clean the house, weather not helping eitherwe have a cat and she knows there is something missing, won’t leave me alone,I wish you and your family all the best and hope you find some comfort and peace

Thanks for your reply,I don’t know about you,but I feel like I’m living a nightmare everything seems so surreal doing my best to carry on but with my daughter not living close by,I feel totally isolated,I am determined to make my Margaret proud,for anyone who reads this I saw a ad which made me feel a bit better,it goes,
I am not a widower,I am married to a beautiful wife with wings
I just hope it doesn’t take years to get mine
All the best and thanks

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I like the last few line of your post , I live alone with no children but a few really good friends but , I am married to a beautiful wife with wings really touched my heart so thank you

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