Can't weigh up the risks

My mom died in June. My sister in law died in July. Both lived on the other side of the world, and because of Covid, I wasn’t able to travel to them. My SIL had a memorial but my mom’s was postponed so my sister and I could be present. The borders reopened yesterday and I suspect my family will hold a memori for my mom imminently. They want me there, but;

  • I have a young family here and my kids are emotionally broken from the trauma of the last 6 months
  • I would be subject to testing negative on a Covid test within 72 hours of arrival in the country
  • I would be subject to another test 5 days after arrival
  • If I tested positive I would be required to stay in a government isolation facility until testing negative (that could be weeks at best)
  • I only have a maximum of 10 days that I could possibly be apart from my husband and children - any longer would not be fair on them.

If it were anyone else, I would not even consider leaving my family because the risks of something going wrong are so high, but because it is my beloved mom, how can I choose not to be at her memorial?!

The gruef and disappointment is clouding my mind. Any thoughts would be helpful. My husband is very supportive but understands it is a risk too. He would never stop me from going though - it is my decision. All the odds seem to be testing me and keeping me from the physicality of being withy mom, or now, her space and belongings. Such a sad situation.

My goodness Dolly you have given us all something to think about.
I was in a situation when my mother was taken ill and in hospital. My husband had just come out of hospital after being very ill and in ICU. I was his carer and then my mother was taken ill. We never expected her to pass away but being nearly a four hour journey away I couldn’t just leave my husband unattended. Hence she died before I could get to her. I had to make a choice just as you have to. I presume you have talked this through with your husband and of course there is also your young family to think of which must be your first priority.
I think you know really what you must do and that is what is right for you, your husband and family.
Good luck