Car insurance

Does anyone have any advice? I rang to cancel my husbands insurance. They said they cant backdate it, so can only cancel from today, which means i have to pay, he died on 29th sep. The car didnt move off drive after 15th, i dont drive. Im struggling to get why i have to pay after he died

I think it might be because they didn’t know he had died. I would fight your corner. Send another letter, enclosing a copy of the Death Certificate and ask again if you can have a refund. If not, you could try the Ombudsman.
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If the car was only insured for your husband to drive then what Ann has said is correct. If it was insured for anybody else to drive they will only accept cancellation from the date you advised them.

if you still gave it on the drive, it may be worth asking for refucef cover until you sell it just to cover against fire, theft etc

hope today has been an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow will be an improvement on today


I expect it’s because the car was still insured until you cancelled it. If it had been stolen or damaged you could have made a claim.
Maybe I’m wrong but it’s the loss of your husband that is upsetting you rather the loss of a few weeks insurance premium. Sometimes it’s better to let these things go at a time when you have so much grief.
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Sorry I meant to reply to you rather the last post. Jx

it’s ok, I’d already guessed

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today