Carrying on with life after losing my dad

I went back to work last week after losing my dad in November and although it has helped me and has given me a distraction from the pain of grief, I feel so guilty! I sometimes think I can’t believe I am carrying on without my dad who I imagined I could never live without! I don’t want people to think I am okay because I’m not but I know my dad would have wanted me to go back to work but I just can’t help but feel guilt !! I just wondered if this feeling is normal ?! just miss him so much and wish he was here :broken_heart:


It’s normal. I’ve seen so many write about feeling guilty for smiling, for going out, for working, and I have felt the same. I think it’s a fear that it means we mourn them less and logically I know that isn’t true, but emotionally I still struggle with it. Sending hugs. :heart:


Yes that’s the feeling , glad I’m not the only one :heart::heart:

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@Katiel Definitely normal feelings. Trying to navigate a new existence shouldn’t make us feel guilty but it does. Dad’s the first person I think of on awakening but I know I need to forge some kind of life around my loss as do you. It’s not forgetting them, it’s learning to accept they’re no longer here. X