Carrying on

How do we carry on. I’m sorry I’ve posted again. I’ve been to see nana 2day, she wants to sort grandads clothes etc out. How can we do that, it’s 4 wks, I’m not ready 4 him to go 4rom our lives yet x

What are you sorry about? We are here for you and you can talk and we all listen. You are never to think that you are problem. If you are we all are and that’s not true.
Yes, I agree with you. It’s is far too early for you to think about anything like that.
Talk to your nana, try to explain it’s too soon for you. If she feels she must do it then there’s not a lot you can do. But if it upsets you don’t do it. You have enough emotional problems without that.
Some people hang on to things for years sometimes, others begin to think about it after a few months. But I suggest you should not do anything that is upsetting. You are vulnerable at the moment so take it easy. OK? Take care.

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…never apologise for posting…Hard as it may be, let your nana do things her way…Ask nana for you to hold onto one or two of your favourite clothing items grandad wore that is special just to you…Of course you are not ready for him to go from your lives yet, that will never happen, he will always be a big part of your lives, always, and still is…
I had my clear out of my partner Richards clothes, maybe earlier than some other of our members but I had planned it for after my partner of 20 years Richards funeral-cremation 11th April…I hung onto them expecting his elder sister 83 and his nieces and nephews to sort out what if anything they want, they never bothered, they just wanted to get away and miss four motorways of traffic and their four hours journey back home, so i organised that his clothes be collected from an animal charity shop…an animal charity was my choosing…


It hurts so much. I went up there 2day and there was a tissue in the bin in the spare bed where he slept. I as hoovering .

Of course it hurts a lot. But are you trying too hard to forget? So many things will remind you but you need to take everything slowly. You can’t just switch off feelings and emotions, so let them come. I don’t mean making a big issues of everything, but just try and think as calmly as you can.
The people we lose are still around, and I’m sure none of our loved ones would have wanted us to be really upset. Give yourself time.
I feel from your posts you need to get tings out. Do you have a problem talking on here? No need whatsoever. There is no better place to talk. Take care.