I lost my beautiful son last May suddenly he died suddenly it was sudden unexplained death of an adult.He was as 23 yrs old,myself his father,brother and all his family are devastated he was and is loved and missed dearly.As his mum the sense of loss is unbearable l still can’t believe it.

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I’m so sorry you’ve joined us and for the loss of your beautiful boy.

I lost my son in October 2019. It was a drugs related death, Henry had poor mental health but had the kindest heart and the widest smile and was so desperately loved and still is. :broken_heart::broken_heart:

Meditation has helped me tremendously- saved me in fact. I use an app called Headspace. I’m having a wobbly spell at the moment as I don’t believe we ever fully come to terms with our losses.

I’m sending you love and hugs. You are not alone and there are amazing people on this site who will inspire you.

Tell us about your son.

I’m sending love and hugs to you
Purple x

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I’m so sorry to hear about your son, I lost mine at 25 last November. Like you I still can’t believe it. My son had a undiagnosed heart problem and went through 8 hours in surgery but he kept having heart attacks and the doctors didn’t know why, they sent him home and 2 weeks later he died at home. I understand the shock when they were do young and fit and full of life. Its such a hard thing to comprehend or accept.
I still talk to him everyday but like you find the list unbearable.
This site is full of parents who are going through the same grief and it helps.
Sending hugs to you
Anne x

I too lost my son last June suddenly aged just 23 i too am struggling with the reality of it I can’t believe he’s never coming home I’m just so broken without him in my world any more , I lost my daughter 11 years ago yesterday I just can’t believe it’s happened to me again ,every parents worst nightmare, I’m so very sorry for your losses too may we all gather some bloody strength from somewhere to get through another week
Kind regards

Aww Jayne,
I’m so sorry, its so unbearable, to lose two, I cant even imagine how you get through the day.
I lost my boy in November, he was 25, its the worst thing anyone can go through and I hope you find some support here, I have.
Sending a hug