Cause of death

What happens if there’s no obvious cause of death (embalmed abroad before PM) do they just make an assumption based on what little evidence they have

If you google “what does no obvious cause of death at an autopsy mean” there’s a lot of information there from various authorities. This may help answer your question. Best wishes

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I had something not exactly the same only in my mums case the hospital lied about the cause of her death. Something I’ll never be able to forgive. The countess of Chester hospital and royal Liverpool hospital are both the culprits.

@Sah28 my husband died abroad too and the Portuguese issued the death certificate but there was no cause of death on there. Apparently in Portugal they don’t do that. He had to have a digital ( non invasive) autopsy, thankfully and then they issued a ‘fact of death’ certificate which sits alongside the Portuguese death certificate. It’s so very hard!


I was right to condemn countess of Chester hospital. And after what happened with Lucy letby it reinforces my belief the countess has lost any reputation it ever had but the countess of Chester hospital has a stink running through it played a huge part in taking my mum away from me. What else is that hospital guilty of??