Celebrate Life

We feel pain and heartache for those we have loved and lost. If we hadn’t truly loved them it wouldn’t hurt so much.
Of all the gifts to humanity there is none greater than love and the ability to put the desires and needs of another before ourselves.
Remember today the way they made us feel, a laugh, a warm smile, a kiss, a hug.
Celebrate their life with tears of joy not sorrow.
As long as we live they remain forever in our hearts.


So few words but so so true! Thanks Carl. What you describe is empathy. The ability to feel another’s pain. I doubt anyone on this site lacks empathy. None of us would be here if we did. But to me it’s such a pity we can’t feel it all the time without extreme adversity bringing it out.
Thanks again Carl. Best wishes.

… for me i never realised just how much i loved my Richard until that fateful mid-day that i lost him…Yes my Richard and my three gorgeous fur-babies my dogs will remain forever in my heart, well what is left of it after pieces of it have now been broken…

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