Celebrity psychic mediums.

After losing my partner so suddenly I’m really struggling and just cannot accept the lack of a goodbye. It’s absolutely killing me. I keep swinging between being desperate to believe in an afterlife and not believing at all. I’ve been watching celebrity mediums like Tyler Henry and Matt Fraser. Both seem amazing and it’s easy to watch them and really believe there’s something more than this.

One thing I’ve noticed though especially with Matt Fraser is he knows the names and locations of the people he’s doing his readings for. One lady he gave an online reading to was called “Rainbow” and she was from South Wales UK, I’m also from South Wales. The reading seemed really good, lots of things he had spot on. Curiosity got the better of me and I searched for the lady on Facebook thinking Rainbow is definitely not a common name. I really wanted to see if he could have found any information off her Facebook page. Not surprisingly I found her in minutes and the information she had on her profile that was public and that I could see would have been more than enough for me to tell her everything that she wanted to hear. It made me wonder if they just look for people on Facebook before doing their readings. Even the service booklet with the funeral details can contain clues as to how the person died ie donations in leiu of flowers to MIND, CRUK or British Heart Foundation etc.
Seriously though if they are indeed just praying on desperate vulnerable people like us to make a few quid they would have to be pretty sick individuals. Wbat are your thoughts on this?

Hi, everyone has differing views, but for me there are genuine mediums via a spiritualist church. I have had evidence that eased my grief if only for a short time. They often say you should wait 12 months before asking for a private reading as your energy can be a blocker. I had proof 30 years ago so my belief in spiritualism is quite strong.
My soulmate passed away suddenly 4 weeks ago. I had 2 signs in the first week but nothing since. I have the same unbearable grief as others but I’m comforted to think she is in a better place.
I find it comforting to sleep with her nighty held tight. Our situation is so very hard, but this site has helped by understanding that what we are feeling is normal and a sign of just how much we loved our OH.


So sorry to hear you’re in the same situation :broken_heart:

I’m going for a one to one reading with a “fledgling” at my local spiritualist church on the 28th of May. It’s only the fledglings that offer one to ones as practice. They only charge £10 towards the upkeep of the church so at least I know they won’t just be chancers out to make a few quid like most of the online mediums I see. I feel like I need something now, I don’t think I can wait twelve months.
My mam and grandparents and a couple of other people have also passed. I’ve never felt the need to try to connect with anyone else though. It’s the fact I love and miss him so much along with the lack of a goodbye and the suddenness of losing my partner that makes me feel like this. It’s really only him I want to come through. I’m only 38 and often get told I look younger so I don’t think a spiritualist would automatically guess I was there because I lost a partner. I think they would automatically assume I was there for a parent or grandparent so it will be interesting to see if they mention my partner without being prompted.

I’ve been asking my OH to give me a sign for nearly five weeks now yet I’ve had nothing. Can I ask what two signs you had during the first week?
I did find a white feather on his mams sofa after I’d got up and sat back down, I don’t really believe white feathers are signs but I took it home “just incase” then found out later that one of her cushions were leaking tiny white feathers :see_no_evil:

Hi, I’ve private messaged you. X

I believe in a afterlife I’m a Christian but I also believe there is some good mediums out there , tony Stockwell & tj Higgs are two of them , but there are a few bad ones out there scamming people so beware, I’ve had readings done before years ago that no one would know one was at a spiritualist church in a big group & the other was a 1-2-1 with the late Colin fry , when having a reading it’s always best to not give to much away as some mediums will read into & pull answers out of it without you thinking, best replies are yes/no, I’m not sure/I think so , no he/she doesn’t, yes she/he does , that way your answering the question but not giving them any other clues , that’s what other good mediums have said you don’t what to give too much away in your answers

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This article might be useful for some.

I personally wouldn’t give them anything more than I needed to, it’s up to them to tell me things. What I’m noticing on Matt Frasers Facebook page is half of the people telling him that they have tickets to his online group readings have a lot of information on their Facebook page made public so that even I would be able to give most of them a pretty decent “reading” based on the stuff that they have public on their profile. Sorry to sound harsh but are these people flipping idiots?! The people receiving the readings will probably sit there crying and thinking the messages are coming from spirits when it’s more likely they are coming from the information they have previously shared publicly on Facebook :rofl::see_no_evil: Good grief. People seriously baffle me.

Others leave comments saying Matt I really need a reading because I lost my dad to a sudden heart attack and didn’t get chance to say goodbye giving Matt an easy read. Lets be fair we all feel the same emotions and have the same regrets when we don’t get the chance to say goodbye. Any medium would know this and know just what to say to make us feel better.

True that’s why when you have a reading you don’t say yes but she did like or he didn’t do that etc, you stick to yes/no/I’m not sure, when you get a reading at a group theatre or a spiritualist church the medium can’t look up the person on social media etc ,
My brother once had a medium walk upto him why he was working & told him that our uncle has been watching over & knew about my brother’s new fireplace & pots in the garden etc & knew our uncles name , he didn’t give any clues away

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I would absolutely love for a completely random person / medium to walk up to me and tell me something that nobody would know. I’m sceptical but completely open but I just don’t understand why people share so much publicly on their Facebook page before going to get a reading. You’d think they would go back over their Facebook posts and hide anything that a medium or chancer could use to give them a good “reading”

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I lost my husband 4 weeks tomorrow & found him myself such a shock!! I’m broken we had 35 years together and were soulmates. I’m just like you I’ve gone from believing in afterlife to now thinking it’s not true ?! Maybe I’m wanting & needing too much to see a sign Bry is still with me :sleepy::broken_heart:


Oh I’m so sorry for your loss :broken_heart:
I think it’s completely normal to become desperate for a sign, we desperately want to believe our loved ones have gone somewhere better. I really hope they have.

I really wish I could get a reading with either Tyler Henry or Matt Fraser. They seem to go really deep into details and offer specific information rather than just the “I see a J name” or “I see an older gentleman” nonsense that so many other mediums say to reel people in. Their waiting lists are both a couple of years long though :disappointed: I did add my name to Matts email list so if he opens his list at any point I can join the list and maybe get one in five years time :rofl:

Same , I believe there’s something after this & we live on but I sit on the fence & more of a will believe it when I see it person , if my loved ones came through to a medium they would say something that only I knew & wasn’t on any social media so I would know it was really them & not some phony medium,

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I’m sorry for your loss :sparkling_heart:,

@lostlil It’s not just posting stuff that a medium can see but posting information that would help scammers and the like. There’s so much internet fraud around.

Hi @PollyjaneW So very sorry to hear of your loss. Hopefully you will find some comfort in these forums as there are a lot of good people on here.
Best Wishes.

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Yes that’s very true. I don’t post any personal information on mine, I pretty much just use mine for messenger and to have a nose sometimes but some people put their life story on there.

@LostLil I too watch both of them! However, I seen a video recently, think it’s Matt that charges 3000 dollars for a reading! That’s just shocking…

I’m also feeling disappointed as another chap was debunking Tyler. I did watch and felt very deflated.

I did see a chap here in Belfast, I have to be honest, he was amazing…

Big hug xx💕

I would actually pay 3,000 dollars for a reading with Matt because I know he wouldn’t know anything about me and I don’t have anything made public on my Facebook. I think if I got a reading with Matt and it wasn’t very good or didn’t feel right then I’d know deep down there’s nothing after this. If on the other hand the reading was good and specific I’d know there must be something because there would be no way for him to find out anything about me online.

I think Matt Fraser and Tyler Henry do so well because they are both handsome young men, they look the part and in this superficial world that goes a long way in America and Hollywood. They both have similar personalities and seem quite likable characters. If there is any truth in the afterlife and it’s not all a con then I’m sure there are plenty of more talented people out there who wouldn’t get as much attention as them guys because they don’t look the part if you get me?

:see_no_evil: could you send me his email link please I may as-well add to his list xx

You have to scroll right to the bottom. He also does group readings where you pay 19 dollars to attend and you have to raise your hand on the screen to try and get picked for a reading. I’m slightly sceptical about that though, would his team just have a look through the names of the people who raised their hand and try and find out quickly who they lost and how? Perhaps I’m a little too sceptical lol

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