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I stayed with my Aunt for a night. She was my Mum’s only sister and also lost her husband suddenly as I have just done. We had a wonderful afternoon and evening chatting and laughing, remembering them all. It has done me the world of good and given me the will to get through this. I have been summonsed to give evidence at Mums inquest next week and have been dreading it. I am determined to get past that hurdle and start to rebuild my broken life. Just that short time Away from home has given me a bit of a kick start.

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Hi Kezz

It was great to read you had a good night’s stay with your aunt. It is very hard to go away from your own home environment when so much has happened to you. It is especially hard when you have lost your Mum as well as your husband. Just being somewhere else with someone who remembers your loved ones and can share memories with you of better times is so good.

When my Mum passed away I found it very hard to go away from home but did for a couple of nights to stay with a relative. I cried all the way there as didn’t want to leave home and cried all the way back as I didn’t want to go back home to an empty house! I needed that break so badly and was so grateful to be asked.

I hope all goes well for you next week. As you say another hurdle. Hopefully over very quickly but very daunting.


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Thank you, I will go and stay with my aunt again It is not easy as I have a Dog that I can’t take with me as her dog is elderly and won’t tolerate mine. My brother looked after him last Wednesday as he had a day off so I have to work around him. I really want the inquest to be over, I am not looking forward to it as I will be there in my own, nobody else in the family can face it. it seems that as usual, it is all left to me. The coroner is expecting it to last about 30 Mins so hopefully it won’t be too bad. It is just the thought of having to go over it all again just when I was starting to deal with it all. I suppose that I should be grateful that they didn’t have one for John as well.

Just to help you through, Kezz, I had to attend an inquest on my husband who died last June. I was really dreading it but the Coroner (in Portsmouth) was a lovely man who made it all as easy as he could. Yes, it was upsetting but not as bad as I expected. I wish you well on the day and hope you will be able to cope with yet another hurdle in this awful situation we are all going through. Best wishes. Eileen

Hi kezz I totally get that. I went to see my uncle at Easter ,mums brother. Scattered her ashes in his garden and left him a photo of her. He’s so much like her it was heart warming to see him . It is lovely as you say to talk to those who knew your mum , bless you x

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