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I don’t seem to be going forward this last 3 days have been dreadful for me as I guess it must have been the same for some of you as well I am not coping and just wish I wasn’t here anymore I know this sounds selfish but I just want to be with my husband


Hi Charliemolly …you are not on your own in the thoughts that are poping in and out of your head about wanting to be with your husband …Chritsmas is another one of those times that can multiply those thoughts by hundreds …there are helplines that still run 24hrs a day over a daily basis Samaritains being one …I’m sure that many other users of this site will also be responding to let you know that even those of us who dont know you personally care …and understand that despair that accompanies grief…be kind to yourself …I hope you have family or friends who can also walk along side you at this most difficult and challenging of times …x

Thankyou so much for your kind reply

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Hi Charliemolly. I too have found these last 3 days almost unbearably difficult. We have lost our loved ones only recently, so we are having to deal with the festive period while everything is still extremely raw. It seems to have set me back to feeling worse than ever. I’m hoping that things will become a bit easier now. I’m sure they will. The first Xmas is a big step, and when its ticked off as done, we won’t have to do a first Xmas again.
There are a great many people here that understand exactly what we’re going through. Keep posting and sharing. We’re all with you.
Sending love xx.

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Thankyou so much for your kind message today has been one of my worst days praying tomorrow will be better for all of us

Hi @Charliemolly, I truly hope you do feel stronger at times, it’s so heart breaking and I have moments of despair, a kind of 'what is the point '. But, getting there brings me back to my fight, my challenge… I will go on, I will learn to deal.with.this, I will take little steps forward … Grief is a normal process, it’s because we love … we have to go on x x x All the love x x Christmas is almost done, New Year will soon be done too… this is the worst time x x x Its Ok x We are sad, we will be sad x but that’s ok x

My mam passed away last week and I’m still shocked and devastated. She was my best friend and I had moved in with her to look after her. It’s such a massive unbelievable loss. I’ve had this overwhelming feeling that I just wish I had gone with her, as everything would be so much easier and I’d be with her. Not in a scary way that I would follow her, more that I wish we’d gone together.
Christmas has been very difficult as we would usually spend all this time together planning, shopping, cooking, wrapping. I’ve tried to make everything right for the rest if the family but without her I’m rubbish and everything has been a let down. I knew it would be awful but I really wanted to try for her to show i can cope. Everyone is grieving in their own way and my dad and brother don’t seem to be the same as me.
I’m so sorry to hear that others are struggling too. Sending lots of love to you


Charlimolly, I’ve been where you are and although not out of the woods by a long long way have felt “I can’t do this” We just can’t visualise life for us going forward especially in Tiers or Lockdown areas which adds a different layer of frustration to everything .
But day, by day is how it goes and we have to go on in their memory.
I’m trying to get into a routine, starting with it waking at 0600 , shower,long walk then … still working on the next bit !!
Take care Keep Talking
Mick x

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