I may be missing for a few days, I suffer from chronic back pain. I am considering ringing my doctor for a home visit. I was boasting to 2 of my dear friends who are members here how much my new medication was helping and easing the pain. I spoke too soon. this evening it came back and it is killing me. I am just going to rest until it does ease.

Stay safe all of you.
Mary x x x x

hi Mary
hope an early night helps and your medication starts working again and makes the pain go away

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Do what you have to do Mary but remember we’re right here. I hope you feel better very soon. Sending you love and hugs but don’t be gone too long because we’ll miss you :kissing_heart::hugs:


Thank you, so much, I have allowed myself not more than 10 minutes on the computer.
I am still in a lot of pain, however, the doctor who came out to me last Thursday has sent me some new painkillers, not too strong.
Take care, my friends,
MaryL x x x

MaryL, I hope the painkillers start to work and the pain eases off.
Take care too. x

Hi mary
I will never forget your early support!
Wishing you relief from your pain. As someone who has had 2 ops on spine i understand the strength of it! Sending hugs and special wishes to get you through Pamx

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Thank you dear Pam, your message is really appreciated. I am aching a lot.
I am sorry that you have endured 2 ops, mine was successful until I walked into a support pillar at work - long story, I had to retire at the age of 47. from a job which I loved.
My special wishes to you, I realise that you are nursing a broken heart, Mary x x x x

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Thank you for all your good wishes. x