Christmas 2020

So many of us have posted about our fears and trepidation coming up to Christmas and there is no denying that this time of year is always difficult to navigate whether it be the first of our grief burden(s) or an older load.

This year, however, there will be many more empty chairs than we could ever have imagined, prescribed bubbles will not be large enough to hold all those families who usually congregate to celebrate so loneliness for many will be exacerbated and real hardship… in so many forms… is all around us. No matter how hard society and the media tries to pretend that this Christmas will be the same as ever, no matter how many annoying and often upsetting-to-us seasonal songs and platitudes are trotted out, Christmas 2020 will be like no other we have known.

Perhaps this year is a time to stop and reflect; to ask ourselves why Christmas exists anyway…is it just an excuse to “eat, drink and be merry” or is it really the anniversary of the birth of a baby who brought Light, Peace, Love and Hope into our world? When you are grieving, trying to find any of these on a daily basis is a constant battle, but all of us on this site (and all other bereavement forums) have been so blessed to have known love in our lives and each one of us is the person we are today because of those who have gone on before. We will “get through” Christmas because we carry them in our hearts and souls.

Many of us here are going to join together to light a candle on Christmas Eve…perhaps we could go further and make a donation or perform one particular act of kindness in especial memory of our loved ones; we can celebrate their lives and know that we have carried on their legacy of love and helped light to shine in the darkness surrounding Christmas 2020.

Take care everyone…may this Christmas bring comfort and hope to each one of us x


What a beautiful post and what a good idea to donate as well as lighting our candles together. I shall certainly be doing that in memory of my amazing husband. xx

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I hadn’t read this, but have just put the link on for us to think about donating to the Sue Ryder Christmas Appeal. The support we get is provided by paid staff and bereavement counsellors. There is no doubt that this year will have brought real challenges for this charity.

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