christmas ....alone

Bereaved at the start of the year and will be alone in the house over christmas accept for christmas day, anyone out there in same position?, looking for singles holidays for recently bereaved, anyone any ideas?, may not be able to drive soon owing to distorted vision in one eye, so either train, bus, or lica man with an ebike and a lot of batterys as knees not to good and starting to knock

Hello @tim007,

I can’t advise about singles’ holidays I’m afraid but there is an organisation called The Silver Line which offers advice and support for getting involved in groups. They may be able to point you in the right direction.

The Silver Line is for people aged 55 and over. They also have a free chatline which is available 24/7 for friendship, conversation and support. Their number is 0800 4 70 80 90.

I hope this is helpful - take good care,

Thankyou seaneen, that was very kind of you, I will ring them


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I’m finding Christmas difficult to go somewhere close to home but far enough away so it feels different

The problem is no ware avalable at christmas, you can book holidays actually to get away from charismas were there are no decorations, no charismas dinner, no kings speech, no carals, no crackers, no tinsel, no turkey, no mault wine, no raindear, no santa, and no grotto.(sounds like the 12 days of christmas but the number is 0 doesn’t it.

OK, I miss my mum, but my Niece has invited me for christmas dinner, and my sis in law is driving in her car, and I think it would be both ungrachas, and rather Ebaneasa of me just to sit at home and sulk, that would be childish, ungrateful and disrespectful to my Niece who is doing me the kindness of inviting me on Christmas day and cooking me christmas dinner, and also my mum would not think much of me doing that, but expect me to ‘get on with it’ with out fuss, and that, is what I will do, and by doing so honour her example of making the best of it, she grew up in the war and lost her cousin in it, and many friends as well, and it would be an insult both to her, and the sacrifices of her generation just to give up and not bother, those are my views, make off them what you will but I think i have got my head screwed on over this, and I will not offend my extended family.

You face this season how you see fits make a plan for leaving if it gets to much

Sir, my Niece is doing me the honour and the kindness of giving me food and entertainment on charismas day, with my grate Niece and Nephew, and short of bad illness or bad weather, I do not intend to let them down, they are after all my extended family, and presently unless I get a pet, or find a nice girl, along with sis in law the only family I have, we all have to make the best of it, I hope you will be with someone on christmas day and not alone.