Christmas Cards.

Hi All. Can someone help me on this topic. I am writing out my Christmas cards to Grandkids and I would like to put their Grandads name on as well as mine but I don’t know if doing so would upset them would appreciate someone’s view on this. Love to everyone on here.X

Dear Lonely. Thank you for kind reply I think I will do as you do and put from Nanny and Grandad as you say if it wasn’t for your husbands private pension you couldn’t afford to give them money. And in my case if it wasn’t for my husbands pension from Jaguar Cars I couldn’t afford to give them money also. Take Care. X

Well put I agree we will see our husband in our children and grandchildren makes us know that we have to carry on a while till there pain has healed a little ours will never heal but hope we manage to deal with it might all xx

My husband died 4 months ago and I didn’t want to buy presents or send cards. I compromised and sent cards to close family and friends only. I sent money to a charity instead but the cards I wrote my name and drew a heart and put his name inside. Or some I wrote Angela and family.
I felt quite proud of myself the presents were hard to wrap as my husband helped me to them all.
We just have to do what’s best for us no body can judge x