Christmas Eve/New Year

My tribute Christmas Eve candles
I lit the candles in memory of
My baby twins
My dad
My mum in law
My 2 aunties

It was nice to see other people share/light candles to

New year eve
I usually get gallium baloons write msg on them with a sharpie pen release them into the sky for loved ones that I love& miss
Then light candle for them

Why don’t we all light candle on New Year’s Eve
How about 11pm?


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Sounds a good idea to light a candle at 11pm on New Year’s Eve. I will be doing that. Sending love to you all.

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Hi can you change this post to coping with bereavement
And change time to 11pm

I’ve been sure to make these changes for you @S47. This is a lovely idea, thank you for starting this thread. I’ll be lighting a candle too at 11pm.

Sending lots of strength to everyone too :yellow_heart:

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I will join you all and light a candle at 11pm

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Hi just wanted
to say I’m so sorry for the loss
of your husband
Still very recent
Hope your doing ok well best you can to get through Christmas/new year
Glad your joining few of us at same time to light New Year’s Eve candle/candles for our loved ones
Glad you joined the group where you will find comfort/support
Take care x