I lost my partner 4 years ago, my first Christmas was terrible I just wanted to be alone and let it all pass me by, Christmas music in the shops everywhere and people asking what you’re doing for Christmas… I’ve managed to get through 3 Christmas’s each one got a little better, then this year I met a lovely man and my life has changed so much, I never thought I’d find love again but I have and so looking forward to Christmas this year… I know it is the hardest thing to think you will ever feel you’ll be happy again after bereavement but if you allow yourself to be happy and do things that make you feel good again go for it… I know my partner would never want me to be sad for the rest of my life…
Wishing everyone a happy Christmas be kind to yourselves… :christmas_tree: :mrs_claus:


That’s really lovely to hear. X

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Yes indeed!! I wish you and your partner every happiness. You will never forget, but we must take any happiness or relief we can find and cherish it. It’s been a long time and you have grieved. Now try and let it go. Not forget, you can never do that, but everything has it’s place, and even grief can be mitigated in time. Good luck and Bless you.

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Good for you mo, why shouldn’t you feel happiness again?

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Mo, I am delighted for you. After three years alone you have found love again and non of us should underestimate the power of love. Never say never is my motto. Good luck and god bless.
Pat xxxx

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