So today my daughter insisted on putting up our Christmas tree x tbh I couldn’t give a flying fig if Christmas comes n goes but she wanted to do it so I let her x then she produced a bauble she had , had made in memory of her Dad , omg I sobbed :sob:


Mrs T1 to be honest I’m dreading Christmas it’s the first one without my Rob. He was never into Christmas a right bar humbug right up until Christmas eve then it was all systems go. He wanted more decs up drinks out etc etc he would go to mid night mass ( not that he was religious) but he loved the thought of walking home in the early hours of Christmas Day. He would get home and open his presents all because he couldn’t sleep knowing there were presents downstairs with his name on. Christmas Day he would be In/ out the kitchen and kind of drag one slipper on the floor and be singing daft songs. I’m at work on Christmas Day so that will take my mind off things for 7.5 hours so I’m having my Christmas Day Boxing Day with family . I hope everyone has a good Christmas and enjoys it to the best of their ability our loved ones will NEVER be forgotten we will carry them through into the next year with us , let’s hope it’s a better year for us all love to you all :heart::blue_heart::sparkling_heart:


My daughter, Jenny aged 56 and my son, Michael aged 53.
Jenny has begged me to go to her and her husband for Christmas, but understands that I daren’t risk it because of COVID.
Michael works for the Ambulance Service as a despatcher and his working all over Christmas on night duty. x x


Gorgeous kids Mary :heart_eyes: x

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Thank you, V. x x

The bauble , this was a 3 years ago , my daughter was in work on Christmas Day and Dad decided to keep his Santa onesie on to take her xx :heart::broken_heart::heart::broken_heart:

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Sorry Mary , I don’t know why this has attached itself as a reply xx

That is okay, MrsT1 , strange things happen with computers. :grinning:

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Good looking children!

Thank you, Margarita.

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