Hello everyone,

Having read a few messages about Christmas, I thought I should say my two pennies’ worth. I will not be celebrating the festivities this year, not without Andrew by my side. I will also probably not be doing anything for my birthday, which is three days before Christmas! It is never a good time to have a birthday but this year it is even worse. I would like to find somewhere where they do not celebrate the festivities in the usual corny, obsessive way.

Also, with the cost of living and horrendous energy prices, how can the media and shops justify this relentless push to spend!

The mind boggles.

Love to all,

Sonia xx


Dear @SSTC22

Christmas can be very daunting and more so now with the cost of living going up. I do hope you manage to find somewhere where the festivities are very low key or not celebrated.

We are here for you. Please continue to reach out.

Take care.