How can I celebrate the birth of christ when he took my beautiful wife away from Me this grief is so unbearable I will go to my sons for Christmas for a few hrs but nothing will ever be the same again send hugs to all that hove lost loved one’s take care


Ron Christmas is always going to be hard for all of us. All around me are Christmas lights etc, cards come addressed to both of us. I am spending Christmas away with my brother and his in laws. We all have different ways of coping with this but this is our way and have to say personal to each of us. My Christmas this year will be nothing like the last 40 yrs You take care and hope Christmas at your son`s will be ok.

Thanks hugs

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I am on my own this 1st Christmas. Only been 9 wks since losing my husband John.
My daughter and family are away for 4 days, planned and paid for before John died.
I am dreading it. Probably just stay in bed as any thought of Christmas makes me so upset.
The pain I know, will be unbearable but we all carry on and endure another day.
I will post a message Christmas day and hope you can all join me and we can get through this sad time of year with good memories.
Love to you all x