It is OK

         to not 
     Feel like 


For your Mental Health please put yourself first this season
We are forced to put a brave face on when inside we are heartbroken
and do not want to celebrate

So do what is best for you to get through it


Thankyou for this @Scottie10 :heart: x

Very kind words , I feel there is no celebration now, life just seems hollow.


An update. It’s 2 years 3;months, early hours of Christmas Eve and I am sobbing to myself. I miss her so much. Just putting one foot in front of another is such an effort. Living on memories. Just feel so sad .

eat. eat anything you like in whatever quantities.

watch lots of t.v.

maybe have a drink. think of nothing. I believe we put great pressure on ourselves to have a fine Christmas when really, it comes every year, it is one day, and you are not obligated to it.


Hi. Thank you to those who sent kind replies. I survived Christmas by spending time with daughter, son in law. Since then, the month of January has felt long and dreary. Like many others, I still feel lost. I have found the text support service very helpful. Thanks.