Hi , mum is still here but not as she used to be, has bone cancer, im worried about Christmas, mum used to buy all our presents and lots and between me and my brother who has learning disabilities and wrap all our presents, its not the amount but how do i let my brother do it for me without mum as im always thinking she wont be here for Christmas? It really upsets me how our Christmas will be? Sorry it sounds stupid x

Doesn’t sound stupid atall! We are in a similar boat. My husband has cancer which has spread to the bones (he’s only 43) and we have two young children. We’ve been preparing for Christmas and birthdays for months. We’ve ordered things on line and put them in piles for me to wrap,
I know talking about death and the future which will no longer be, can be incredibly hard but it may help your mum. My husband and I have come to terms with the fact he will probably not be here for Christmas.
Maybe have an open conversation with your mum; Ask her if she’d like to think about Christmas or even have an early Christmas now for you all. Try and give her some control and let her buy the presents on line if she’s able to.
If she’s deteriorated so much, she’s unable to do this, maybe ask a friend or relative to help if there is one?

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Nori, when I read your posts and all what you are going through, you actually give me strength. You have so much ahead of you and I know you have to carry on, that please we are all here for you. Xx

Bless you, likewise… when I’m struggling I always think of those of you who’ve lost their child :pensive:

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Hi Nori,
Thank you for replying and im sorry im late in messaging back, im thinking of you and your family, its so bloody hard and so devastating that we have to be in this horrific situation that we thought would ever happen to us?
Yes your so right in bringing Christmas early, i actually thought this today before i read your message, i dont want to buy anything for mum at the moment because we have a double whammy with mum having throat cancer 18 months ago and still on a peg feed so she cant eat anything but she can drink so thsts a bonus.
She is due a dilation soon to again open up her throat, i really hope she can take some kind of food in pureed form , how are you coping? Especially with children, i cant even imagine, take care and write back when you can, lots of love xxx