Churchyard Flowers/Plants

I lost my lovely husband very suddenly to a cardiac arrest on 22/9/21. Shortly coming up to the one year anniversary and we’d like to put something nice on the grave. We like to keep the grave looking nice but am having difficulty retaining the plants. We’ve planted geraniums, petunias, kalencoe but they’ve either been ‘strimmed’ of the flowers or taken out of the pots. Usually within a day. We reckon muntjac deer or squirrels but may also be rabbits as.a churchyard in a rural location. Any suggestions? Thank you.


Hi, I understand how distressing this is and you are right it’s animals of some sort. Try anything ‘prickly’ , Berberis is one with prickles and you can get different coloured berries, also hollies. But they all grow so you may have to prune yourself. Lots of perennial plants have big leaves that they may not like. A trip to the garden centre may be in order.
I am sending you big hugs for the 22, these anniversaries are never easy. My thoughts will be with you. S xx

Thank you Susie for your suggestions. I asked at the local garden centre but they didn’t have any recommendations. Thank you also for your kind words, they mean a lot. The anniversary will be difficult for myself and the family and will bring back some traumatic memories - we’re planning on having a family day out @ the races, somewhere my husband enjoyed going. Regards Sandra xx

Hi have you thought about having artificial flowers there are some really nice ones I’m got red roses on mine . And some sunflowers all artificial but look great and squirrels leave them alone thinking of you on 22nd anniversaries are so hard xx

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Great idea. xx

I’m thinking about a headstone. Andy would like something amusing. Any ideas?

We’ve put the usual plus ‘doing it differently next time’. A saying Alan used to use. We also used to call Alan by various nicknames (they named him Alen on his name badge at work and my sons partner called him that as a joke). I sometimes called him Stan or Fred. On his anniversary I was given some engraved pebbles with these names to put on the grave.

All excellent suggestions. I have a t shirt with a ecg tracing part if which is a flatline written underneath is for a moment there you bored me to death. Andy bought this for me as he found it hilarious.