Clearing the house

My mam’s house is going on the market soon and I can’t bare to go into the house even to get sentimental things. I’ve got a few things that I brought from the hospital which I can’t even look at yet. My sister in law said she would get any thing I wanted and even store them till I’m ready. My main concern is that I can’t see the house with things being moved out as my mam was so house proud and knew where everything was. Any thoughts?
Hugs :people_hugging: to everyone who is having a bad day :broken_heart:


Would you need to be there whenever the awful clearance starts? I had to deal with all my husbands stuff by myself and then got told to move by the council as i wasn’t able to stay in a 3 bed house as a single occupant. Could your sister in law be if further help?

Thanks @Hzmartin
I am one of 4 siblings so hopefully all sentimental things will be saved by my other siblings. I just hate the thought of anything being just thrown away, also I don’t want to regret not going when the house is sold and it’s too late
Thanks for your support :pray:

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What if you write down specific items that you’d like to keep and then pass it onto a sibling for them to collect? You’re very welcome

Thanks so much @Hzmartin
I’ve decided to to do that, I just don’t want to regret not going, but I’m sticking to my gut feeling and staying away
I hope you are coping on this horrible journey xx

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Not really. Still feel so lost, miss him every minute of every day.

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I’m sorry for your loss, sometimes there are just no words, keep posting if you can and message any time, take care :heart:

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Hmm. Could you go there before the clearing starts, before anything is moved? I know you don’t think you can and sticking to your gut feeling is often correct, but you won’t have another chance. There could be items you don’t think of right now, but remember later, that you would have wanted to keep. Hugs back!

Thanks @Ulma
I know what you mean, I might think about that, there’s bound to be something I later remember it just feels wrong like I’m snooping. I hate being in this nightmare, I’m very grateful for your support xx

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Yes, if I could whisk us both away from it, I would. :pensive: It feels a little like snooping, I also feel that way about dad’s things, but maybe it’s better that we do it than someone else and they would think so too? :heart:

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Horrible thing to have to do, I lived with mum so its harder for me. I spend majority of time in my room. I taken a lot of her clothes to a charity shop, But not sure I will take everything. Its horrible, I’m on my own now that mum has passed. Even replying on here I feel the tears rolling down my cheeks, I lost my mum.


Hi @Keith68
My mam’s house is going on the market which means we’ll have to go in sometime soon and sort through her things, it just doesn’t feel right its like snooping. I hope it has got easier for you
Take care xx

I need to clear our house, not to sell it but we need a surveyor to do a valuation for probate and both mum & me were shoppaholic hoarders. It’s really hard and very depressing but I’ve managed to bag up loads of clothes and handbags to donate to charity shops. xx

It’s such a painful thing to have to do. I lived with my dad and fortunately I haven’t had to clear the house. But my best friend had to when her mum passed away. A lifetime of belongings to go through. I too have given some of dad’s things to family members and to charity. His bedroom is pretty much as he left it. I’m on my own now and it’s so hard. Just taking each step at a time :cry:

I took a lot of Mum’s clothes to charity shops too. I shared flat with mum, so took the tenancy on. Not much has changed, hard work on your own and working. Not I’m been having back problems which has slowed me down even further.

Same here, I’ve been able to take on the tenancy. And suffer with my back too so I understood it can really slow you down. We just have to be kind to ourselves, do what we can, when we can. And understand that sometimes, some days, we can’t do anything.

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