Clearing up Freeview box

I finally decided to go through all the programmes my loved one and I recorded over the last year.

I ended up deleting some 730 recordings, many of which I cannot bear to watch right now because they bring back good yet painful memories as he is no longer with me.

He loved Law and Order SVU but I now cannot bear to watch it. I also deleted Father Ted and the IT Crowd. I love both but cannot bear to watch them on my own.

I have also deleted all things medical. This is weird bearing in mind I am a medical editor! I just cannot watch anything with ambulances and/or A&E in them.

Maybe things will change in the future but this feels right for me now.

Hope you manage to sleep in this awfully hot weather. xx


I understand how you are feeling. 4 months today since my Ted passed away and it seems as hard now as it did when it happened. Like you there are programmes I can’t watch at the moment. Father Brown was one of his favourites, I liked it too but can’t watch it now. A coping mechanism I think to avoid the tears that come so easily.
Treat yourself gently
Like we all must. X

Currently watching Mamma Mia. Andrew was not a fan of ABBA, so watching it is a bit of a treat among the chaos I am presently on!