Clinical Trials

I have now been referred by Royal Berkshire to Royal Marsden for their Clinical Trials and I have to admit I am rather scared by the whole aspect. Have any of you out there been referred because the hospital where you were being treated could do no more for you? I would be interested to know as my Oncologist has tried all he can for me with treatments but the tumours in my liver are fighting back and defeating any treatments I am being given so hence the referral.

Thank you for your time.
Cookie17 rather anxious

Hi Cookie,

Sorry to hear that the treatment you were having wasn’t working, it sounds like a scary time for you. I very much hope the Royal Marsden is able to find a suitable trial for you.

The Macmillan website has some general information about taking part in clinical trials that you might find helpful:

The Cancer Research website also lets you look up specific clinical trials and find out information about them:

Let us know how you get on at the Marsden.